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My Latest Work

The Mute Button: MVP of a New Era

The start of a new school semester and the continuing reign of Zoom has troubled some of us. Personally, before the start of fall semester, I ripped through my old room and renovated it to befit my needs as a Zoom student. Taking 17 credits has tested not only my GPA but my mental health as well. After ordering three agendas and a wall calendar, it seemed my affairs were in order. There was just one problem left, and sadly I couldn’t remove my family or purchase a new one. The noise in this hous

The Beauty of Language

As a young girl, I would switch back and forth between my perfect English and my broken Spanish constantly. At the age of ten, I became a full-on interpreter for my entire family, always having the burden of explaining to English speakers what my mom needed or wanted to say. Truthfully, I believe one of the reasons I don’t suffer from social anxiety or the fear of public speaking is my responsibility growing up of having to speak on behalf of my mother. For a long time, I dreaded having to roll

The Truth in Xinjiang

During the majority of the year, we’ve focused on the pandemic and the 2020 presidential election. As the latter has now been resolved, it is important that we keep our desire for change alive. Incidents of Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims being compelled to do manual labor in internment camps came across my For You page on Tik Tok. An app that is meant for dances and comedic videos to go viral exposed me to the vile treatment of human beings overseas. I decided to look further into what was go

Reproductive Rights in El Salvador

To clarify, I understand that individuals may have varying beliefs and opinions on the topic of abortion. However, for the purpose of this story, I will focus on the laws against miscarriages that have been misconstrued as acts of abortion. As a result, many Salvadorian women have been imprisoned for enduring miscarriages. In El Salvador, abortion continues to be a central topic for debates and discussion. For the most part, the overarching influence within Latin America is Catholicism and Chri

The Search of Justice for Berta Cáceres

The story of Berta Cáceres is often untold. Most of those who have heard of her story are interested in Latin American politics or are from her home country of Honduras. Cáceres played an integral role in the fight against environmental threats caused by the Honduran government. The indigenous Lenca people of Honduras were threatened by the world’s largest dam builder working on the Agua Zarca Dam. The project would affect the treasured Gaulcarque River which was key to the Lenca people’s surviv

Birth Control vs. The World

There’s a common misconception on contraception. Many people believe that women who take birth-control use the pill solely for avoiding pregnancy; however, there are many more reasons why women turn to birth control for help. Acne can be a real threat to a person’s self-esteem. Once you’re at the age of puberty, not only are your hormones wreaking havoc, but you’re always wondering if people are judging you for your flaws. In some cases, birth control can have a beneficial relationship with acn

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